Width (cm)
Diameter (cm)
Needle pitch (mm)
Number of needles (pcs)
Base material
medical rubber
Composition of needles
iron, copper, nickel, zinc, silver
dark blue, red, orange, green, blue
Warranty period
12 months
MPC "Lyapko"
Manufacturer country


CLAD "Universal M" has a needle step 3,5, diameter - 51mm, width – 72mm, quantity of needles is 496. Make up: iron, copper, nickel, zinc, silver, rubber for medical purposes.

Lyapko roller applicators are applicators for dynamic application («Million needle shower»).  Rollers are recommended for any therapeutic effects on anybody surfaces, particularly those which are difficult to handle with a flat applicator (the area of   joints, neck, face etc.).The therapeutic effect is several times faster than with a static applicator. Galvanic current produced in the skin, on the edges and between the needles is pulsed. In the treatment of back and other hard to reach areas of the body there required participation of the assistant.

Lyapko roller-applicator `Universal M` is recommended for treatment and exact reflex diagnostics. Optimal dimensions of the working surface and the needle step of the applicator roller allow you to apply it to all areas of the body and head. The roller can be used in the treatment and diagnosis of people of all age groups.

By means of the roller it is possible to render the sedative or toning action. For sedative effect (for example, at pains in lumbar and sacral area or in the lower extremities) the session lasts 10-15 minutes with coverage of the big site of a surface of a body.

To achieve toning effect (for example, at a paresis of muscles and other states) roll the area within 5-7 minutes, but with occupation of the smaller square of a body is made. Roller needles, adjoining to a skin, don't damage it. The method is effective and non-invasive, i.e. completely excludes transmission of infection ( viral hepatitis, AIDS).

Lyapko roller-applicator `Universal M` is recommended for exact reflex diagnostics. The diagnostic method is based on the fact that if there is pathological process the sites of skin which are projections of internals, zones of a projection of points of "sympathy" (along a backbone) and points of "heralds" (on the forward surface of a trunk), react differently to influence by the needle roller.

Warranty period is 1 year.

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