Diameter (cm)
Needle pitch (mm)
Number of needles (pcs)
Base material
medical rubber
Composition of needles
iron, copper, zinc, silver
dark blue, red, orange, green, blue
Warranty period
12 months
MPC "Lyapko"
Manufacturer country


Lyapko application device "Needle ball" is a sphere with a diameter of 55 mm, distance between needles is 4 mm, quantity of needles is 656.

"Needle ball" is a universal applicator. Thanks to the rounded shape it is an irreplaceable assistant for normalization of activity of all bodies and systems and it is also used for restoration of vitality, good mood and working capacity.

If you have problems with nervous system conduction disorder, it is necessary to act (to roll, do light pressings and clamps) on hands and feet, which are the areas of projection of human organs and body systems. This local effect develops fine motor skills and tactile sensitivity of the limbs, contributes to the development and rehabilitation of brain function in children and adults.

However, this is not only useful quality. "Needle ball" can become the little doctor and a favourite prickly toy for children of preschool and more advanced ages. This applicator helps to develop fine motor skills, tactile sensitivity at children, strengthens immunity, contributes to the development of the speech, memory improvement. Practice in the application of "Needle ball» has proved that the children using "Needle ball" (under supervision of parents), are considerably in advance in development of the peers.

ULA «Needle ball» is useful for «finger gymnastics». This method is widely used by child psychologists, valeologists, speech therapists, rehabilitators, neurologists and defectologists, physicians working with children with speech delay, neuromuscular delay, neuropsychological and psychomotor development, cerebral palsy, stuttering and other diseases.

Indications and usage of ULA «Needle ball applicator»:

  • for damaged joint and ligaments of hands and feet to restore motor function of feet, hands and fingers from injury (e.g, Dupuytren’s contracture, after removal of plaster);
  • for «development» of the musculo-articular contractures and normalization of movements at autism and cerebral palsy (CP);
  • at traumatic brain injuries, stroke rehabilitation at home;
  • at lesions of peripheral nerves;
  • at stressed state of the autonomic nervous system, predominance of the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system (manifested by cold hands, numb fingers);
  • for the treatment of psychological and speech disorders in children (in speech therapy practice for training the fine finger movements); or prevention and elimination of finger muscle fatigue, hand preparation or writing, increase of efficiency, relieve nervous tension (manifestation of emotional stress – cold hands) as an improving technology in education (finger gymnastics and exercise breaks at school);
  • for effective prevention of wrist (carpal) syndrome (disease that occurs at long wrong wrist position during operation with a manipulator of the «mouse» type and a computer keyboard);
  • to reduce the psychological urge to smoke and replace a bad habit to keep a cigarette in one’s hand – to do pressings and rolling between the palms with the «Needle ball»;
  • at preparation of hands to play musical instruments. It helps to relieve stiffness, tone the muscles, eliminate cooling of the fingertips caused by excitement, and remove fatigue and pain in the forearm due to long-term activities;
  • to relieve stress; rolling a ball stimulates the nerve endings and many biologically active points located in the palm. It creates a pleasant relaxing sensation.

For the stimulation effect, process the overall spectrum action points in a clockwise direction from the periphery to the center for 7-10 min.

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