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In the legal sense, this agreement (contract) is an agreement between two or more parties aimed at establishing, changing or terminating civil rights and obligations and executed in electronic form.

Dear user of the site lyapko.ua , we draw your attention to the fact that putting a "tick" in the appropriate field when ordering goods means that you are familiar with and agree to the terms of use of the site (online store) lyapko. ua , and is also your acceptance of this public offer. Putting a "tick" symbol, as well as the use in any form of the site lyapko.ua (including, but not limited to placing orders for goods using the site lyapko.ua, participation in bonus programs, promotions, filling out applications, forms, etc.) is your unconditional agreement with all the conditions specified in this public offer and is equivalent to signing a contract by both parties. This public offer is binding on the parties. In case of your disagreement with the terms of this public offer, you must refrain from using the site lyapko.ua .
This Agreement is a public agreement - offer (offer) of the Online Store at the Internet address lyapko.ua  (hereinafter - the Agreement). 
The moment of full and unquestionable acceptance by the Buyer of the Seller's offer to conclude the offer contract (acceptance of the offer) is considered the fact of payment by the Buyer of the order on the terms of this contract. 
The text of the agreement - offers (hereinafter - the Agreement) is posted at: lyapko.ua and is publicly available.  
The terms of this agreement regulate the relationship between the online store of the Seller, User, Buyer and are governed by the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Protection" № 1023-XII of May 12, 1991, Rules of retail trade in non-food products, approved by the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine № 104 of April 19, 2007 year, the norms of the Civil Code of Ukraine and the provisions of the legislation of Ukraine, which regulate the legal relations specified in this agreement:

1. Site - a web-site owned by the Owner of the site and having an address on the Internet lyapko.ua , through which the User has the opportunity to purchase the desired product.
2. User (You) - an individual, resident of Ukraine, who has reached 18 years of age, has full legal capacity, uses this site and / or its individual tools, who has agreed to the terms of the Public Offer and fulfilled all its conditions described below.
3. Buyer - The user who made a purchase on the site lyapko.ua .
4. Administration of the site - administration of the online store lyapko.ua, Individual entrepreneur Kolos Halyna Oleksiivna (TIN 2267918085, Legal address: 65023, Odessa, 42 Nizhynska Street), or another person who has such a right under the relevant agreements with the site owner.
5. Agreement - a public offer, including all its terms.
6. The seller- a legal entity or a natural person-entrepreneur who places information on the sold goods and / or services on the Site. The seller may be either the Administration or any person to whom the Administration has granted the right to place information about the goods and / or services. The name of the Seller is indicated in the documents for the transfer of goods to the Buyer (acceptance certificate, bill of lading, goods receipt, fiscal check, etc., confirming the transfer of goods to the Buyer).
7. Goods - goods, services, other tangible and intangible objects, information about which is posted on the Site. 
8. Order- application of the User through the Site and / or by calling the hotline to the Seller with a request to sell the goods, as well as a set of goods specified in the order of the User.
9. Payer - a person who pays for the User's order.
10. Recipient - a person specified by the Payer in the form of an order as a person and authorized by the Payer to receive the goods. Unless otherwise specified in the Order form, the Recipient is the Payer.
11. Offer- information about the product posted by the Seller on the Site, which includes information about the product, its price, methods of payment and delivery, information about discounts and promotional offers for the product, as well as other conditions of purchase of the product. The terms of the Offers posted on the Site are set by the Seller. The offer is information about possible conditions of purchase of the goods.
12. Parties - Seller, Buyer, User.

1.11. Delivery of the goods is carried out:
A. by the company (pits) by the carrier (s):
 - "Nova Poshta" by self-removal by the Buyer from the branch specified in the order.
 - "Ukrposhta" by self-removal by the Buyer from the branch specified in the order.
B. By self-pickup by the Buyer from the retail store at the following addresses (Seller's shop or Seller's dealer partners):
 - Kyiv, Mendeleeva Str., build. 10B.
 - Kyiv, str. Turovskaya 9, of. 3
 - Odessa, street Nizhynska, building 42.
If the branch of the carrier's company or the Seller's retail store is not represented in the settlement, the User has the right to choose the nearest settlement in which the branch of the carrier's company or the Seller is represented for delivery. Delivery of the goods purchased by the User is carried out at the expense of the Buyer.
In case of impossibility to receive the order in any of the above-stated way, the 
Addresses of branches of the company of carriers can be seen on the following Internet addresses:
- Novaposhta - https://novaposhta.ua;
- Ukrposhta - http://ukrposhta.ua/maprmy.php;
The seller does not deliver to the occupied territories of Ukraine (ARC, parts of Luhansk and Donetsk regions, in accordance with the boundaries set by the State authorities of Ukraine in official documents), as well as other settlements that are not provided by branches of the carrier's company (s). and). Users agree that the value of the Seller's goods / services posted on the site may increase without notice.
1.12. At the moment of receipt of the goods by the Recipient, the Recipient signs a document confirming the fact of acceptance of the goods ordered by the User (consignment note, acceptance certificate, consignment note, consignment note, etc.) or actual receipt by the Recipient of the Goods and actions, indicating acceptance of the goods. Before shipment, the goods are inspected and insured at full cost. Upon receipt of the goods, the Recipient undertakes to check the goods for damage, as well as the availability of a set of necessary documents (receipt, warranty card, acceptance certificate) and in case of problems on the spot to complain to the delivery service. The seller is not responsible for the actions of the carrier.
1.13. Upon acceptance (acceptance) of the Seller's offer, the User agrees to receive information about the product via remote communication. The signature on the documents confirming the acceptance of the goods and / or the actual acceptance of the goods means that the Recipient has received all the necessary information (information) about the goods before its acceptance.

2.1. As a User of the Site, you guarantee not to take any actions that violate the laws of Ukraine, international law and actions that may disrupt the normal functioning of the Site.
2.2. The User is obliged to timely inform the Administration of the Site about unauthorized access to the personal page of the User by third parties. For information, the user must contact the Support Service at the contacts listed on the Site.
2.3. The User gives his consent to the use and processing of personal data of the User in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
2.4. By accepting the terms of the User Agreement, the User also confirms that he is familiar with and agrees with the section on the Privacy Policy of the Site, as well as with the terms of this Agreement.
2.5. By accepting the terms of the User Agreement (User Agreement), the User confirms that he is legally and legally capable, as well as that he has no restrictions on legal capacity.
2.6. Comments and other records of the User on the Site must not contradict the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine and generally accepted norms of morality and ethics.
2.7. Responsibility for money transfers made by Payers rests entirely with banks and payment systems, the services of which the User decides to use when making payments. The seller does not take responsibility for the actions of processing centers.
2.8. The owner of the site is not responsible for the performance of the equipment on which the site is located, the availability of the Site, the operation of data transmission channels and other technical means for users to access the Site.
2.9. The Seller is not responsible for the actions of the Carrier, including the timing of transportation by the carrier, as well as for the preservation of delivery.
2.10. The Seller's liability for changes in the terms of sale of the goods is limited by the right of the recipient (User, Payer) to refuse to purchase the goods and demand a refund (if paid).
2.11. The User is responsible for the accuracy of the data specified in the Order form. If the incorrect, inaccurate and / or incorrect indication of data in the order has led to additional costs of the Seller related to delivery of goods to the wrong address or delivery of goods to the wrong Recipient, all related losses and costs are borne by the User. The Seller has the right to deduct the amount of such losses or expenses from the amounts paid by the Payer as payment for the goods. The user is obliged to provide all the necessary information for the implementation of the electronic transaction.

3.1. The User has the right to appoint a third party as the Recipient of the purchased goods. In this case, the Recipient is obliged to indicate in the Order form the data necessary to identify the recipient and deliver the goods to him. The relations of the parties, in this case, are subject to the provisions of Art. 636 of the Civil Code of Ukraine.
3.2. All possible disputes and contradictions arising between the Parties under this Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine exclusively at the place of registration of the Site Owner and / or Seller. The court's recognition of any provision of this Agreement as invalid does not invalidate the Agreement in the remaining part and does not remove from the User of the Site the obligations accepted at registration.
3.3. All rights to the Site as a whole and to use the network address (domain name) lyapko.ua belong to the Owner of the site.
3.4. The User agrees that after the registration procedure on the Site, the Site Administration and / or the Seller will send to the e-mail address of users letters and / or messages, including advertising. However, the Site undertakes not to transmit the e-mail address, as well as any other information about Users to third parties. The user has the right to refuse such mailing independently.
3.5. By specifying the mobile phone number in the Cabinet, the User automatically agrees to receive SMS-messages from the Site, including advertising. If you intend to stop sending this kind, the User must contact the technical support of the site.
3.6. The user is prohibited from posting content intended for the user, prohibited by applicable law and / or contrary to the moral and ethical norms of society.
3.7. By placing an Order on the Site, the User voluntarily gives his consent to the Site Administration to collect and process (accumulation, storage, adaptation, restoration, use, distribution, destruction) of personal data specified by him, namely: surname, name, patronymic, e-mail , telephone, address, in order to ensure relations in the field of sales, relations in the field of consumer protection, in the field of advertising and marketing research, as well as agrees to the transfer (distribution) of its data to carriers, freight forwarders and couriers organizations, other third parties (without limitation) at the discretion of the Site Administration. This provision is valid for 5 years from the date of the last order on the site.
3.8. The user is familiar with and agrees to the terms of this agreement.

4.1. This Agreement shall enter into force upon the Buyer's completion of the offer (completion of the order for the Goods and affixing the "tick" symbol in the appropriate field when ordering the goods) and shall remain in force until the parties fully fulfill their obligations, except for early termination.
4.2. Until the expiration of this Agreement may be terminated by mutual consent of the parties.
4.3. The Parties have the right to terminate this Agreement unilaterally, in case of non-fulfillment by one of the Parties of the terms of this Agreement and in cases provided by this Agreement and the current legislation of Ukraine.

Individual entrepreneur Kolos Halyna Oleksiivna
Legal address: 65023, Odessa, st. Nizhyn building 42
Postal address: 65023, Odessa, 
Primorsky district, Nizhynskaya street, building 42, 

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