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Lyapko plastic massager plastic "Pharaoh L"

Unlike the existing massagers "Pharaoh L" has the expressed massage properties: by means of four planes with various radiuses of curvature of working ledges it is possible to do four types of general and segmentary massage and also five kinds of acupressure.

Alternate use of each of the sides of the massager gives various feelings that provide universality of its use. Namely, a possibility of selection of properties for any age, body weight, a threshold of sensitivity that it is impossible to receive when using other massagers.

"Pharaoh L" influences positively a power condition of a person, immune system, and, in turn, stabilizes the general state.

During the massage session and after it tissues generate healthy fluctuations of high intensity which correct negative and weak fluctuations of tissues, forcing them to vibrate in a healthy rhythm.

Lyapko plastic massager plastic "Pharaoh L" is unique as it combines the positive all-revitalizing impact of pyramidal structure which is repeatedly strengthened by influence of minerals. Such structure of the massager allows influencing also a physical body and thin field structures of an organism in which, in fact, and the main reasons for diseases are.


Medical properties

It is indicated for weakened people, has salutary effect at female diseases, chronic depressions, reduces blood pressure, normalizes a dream and work of a nervous system, saves from nightmares, helps at bronchial asthma and psoriasis, takes out inflammation in joints.

Magic properties

The stone possesses strong protective power. Magic properties of tiger's eye are known since ancient times. The stone was considered solar, in most cases it was used as a charm from influence of black magicians and evil spirits, the stone protected the owner from decay and a malefice.

Influence chakras: influences chakra of a solar plexus which is responsible for liver, lien and other organs of the alimentary system. This chakra is bound to will, management of emotions and imagination.

Zodiac signs: Gemini, Virgin.


Medical properties

Pomegranates positively influence digestion, breath, blood circulation and immune system, help at high temperature, inflammation of a throat and headaches. They are useful to digestion, at skin diseases, at constipations and allergy.

Magic properties

Pomegranate is a love stone. It is capable to drive away grief and to bring joy to the owner. It is considered that red pomegranates excite sexuality, cause feeling of courage, and stimulate will and endurance. These minerals are symbols of fidelity, belief, devotion and force.

Influence on chakras: it influences the sacral chakra supplying with energy a rectum and the musculoskeletal apparatus; it promotes will to live, physical energy, potentiality and cause feeling of confidence and stability.

Zodiac signs: Virgin, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpion.


Medicinal properties

Serpentine promotes purification of an organism and blood, increases fastness of an organism to many diseases. It is used at diabetes, hypoglycemia, parasitogenic infections and also for improvement of digestion of calcium and a magnesium. It helps at headache, accelerates merging of bones.

Magic properties

Serpentine helps with meditation and spiritual searches, protects the owner from negative impact of ill-wishers. It can be used for purification of all chakras, especially for activation of parietal. It gives feeling of confidence.

Influence on chakras: it influences cordial chakra which effects cardiovascular system, thorax, a backbone and arms. This chakra strengthens will, promotes openness, sensitivity. The stone also influences chakra of a solar plexus which effects organs of the alimentary system. Chakra is bound to will, management of emotions and imagination.

Zodiac signs: Virgin, Scorpion, Capricorn.


Medicinal properties

It is used for stress coping, strengthening of endocrine and nervous systems, augmentation of activity of the right hemisphere of a brain, normalization of action of an epiphysis and a pituitary body, purification of blood. It regulates hemopoiesis and improves circulation. It harmonizes all levels of consciousness, promotes rising of intelligence.

Magic properties

It is considered that amethyst allocates the person with insight, extinguishes mental anguish, alarm, fills aura with good intentions, helps to control evil thoughts, emotions. During meditation it promotes achievement of rest and relaxation, gives feeling of pacification. It initiates disclosure of "the third eye".

Influence on chakras: it influences frontal chakra (chakra of the Third eye). It cleans it, promotes internal vision.

Zodiac signs: Gemini, Balances, Aquarius.


Medicinal properties

Scientists assume that all stones with effect of "a cat's eye" work equally. They help at bronchial asthma, anemia, rheumatic disease attacks, they are capable to weaken joint pains. Some folk healers consider that these stones are good remedy against various diseases of throat and respiratory system.

Magic properties

Mineral attracts mutual love to the owner, attracts sympathy of people around. It allocates shy and diffident people with courage, charm. It helps to avoid the conflicts, to improve the relations in family and at work, to attract favor of the administration.

Influence on chakras: it influences throat chakra.

Zodiac signs: Virgin, Gemini.


Medicinal properties

Agate increases potentiality, helps at long cough and diseases of a throat.  It helps to normalize -gastric acid and an organism detoxication. It has positive impact on a thyroid gland and vascular system, respiratory organs and digestion system: liver, biliary tract.

Magic properties

Agate can protect from the power attacks and "power vampirism". It adopts on itself negative energy. In Europe agate was a symbol of health, prosperity and longevity.

Influence on chakras: agate exerts impact on all chakras depending on color of a stone.

Zodiac signs: Taurus, Gemini

Medicinal properties

Hematite or as it is often called, blood stone, positively influences the blood circulatory system, normalizes arterial blood pressure, increases the resilience to stresses, stimulates sexual energy. It treats diseases of a liver, kidneys and pancreas. Hematite can help at uric and hormonal frustration and also at venereal diseases.

Magic properties

Hematite is a symbol of bravery and wisdom. People read out from antiquity that it gives strength and invulnerability in fight, promotes maintaining optimism, bravery and will.

The massagers can be applied with varying degrees of intensity. For this purpose the massager should be turned in such a way that the protrusions selected by you are in the part of the working surface. The sharper the protrusions are, the deeper and more intensive massage can be given.

Four degrees of massage intensity:

- Light massage is delicate superficial massage with large-radius spheres (base of the pyramid).
- More pronounced massage is given with the help of large semi-spheres located on the main spheres; it implies action on the surface layers of muscles.
- Deep massage is given with cone protrusions of sphere-shaped tops. Muscles are massaged to the full depth.
- High efficiency massage is meant for deep treatment of muscles, tendons and also for massaging up to periosteum; it is carried out with the help of the sharpest cone-shaped protrusions.

In accordance with the massager application technique various types of massage can be given:

- Pointillage massage - one sphere is used to massage certain groups of muscles, palms, soles and biologically active points.
- Classical massage is given with two or three spheres simultaneously to massage long muscles of the back and extremities, paravertebral zones, to massage the head and other large surfaces.
- Anti-cellulites massage is given with three spheres at a time to massage trouble zones.
- Weight reducing is achieved due to acting on the abdomen area, spine, lumbar spine and thighs during 20 – 40 minutes before a meal, until a pleasant sensation of warmth arrives. The appetite can be reduced so significantly that meals can be excluded altogether.
- Gaining weight is achieved by massaging the regions of abdomen, spine and lumbar spine with the 1st and 2nd protrusions of the massager from 5 to 15 minutes after meals.

Full body massage has positive effects on the whole body, resulting in a harmony of all its systems. Continuous massage from 9 to 15 minutes and longer contributes to utter relaxation of muscles, creating sedative effect which may result in a deep sleep. Short-term massage (3-7 minutes) produces a toning effect. To facilitate smooth gliding movement, massage should be given through some thin fabric. For massage it is possible to use various crèmes and ointments. “Pharaon” massagers assist in their equal distribution on the skin and efficient absorption.
Segmental massage has a positive effect on certain systems of the body, normalizes function of internal organs.
Acupressure is one of the techniques of reflexology. It works on the acupressure points, providing a therapeutic and prophylactic effect.
Massaging with one ball or any of its projection is used for massage of individual muscle groups (intercostal muscles, hands and feet).
With the help of rays of the «crown» one can carry out more precise massage of compliance zones, used in the Su-Jok therapy on the hands and feet.
Massaging simultaneously with two balls is applied to massage the long back muscles and muscle groups of the lower leg, hip, shoulder, paravertebral muscle groups.
It is possible to carry out anti-cellulite massage, massage moving upwards from the knee to the thigh and in other problem areas. The 3rd 4th modes of intensity are particularly suitable here. This kind of massage destroys cellulite deposits and activates blood circulation, strengthens the processes of vital activity of cells of the skin and muscles and promotes their renewal. As a result, the conditions for activation of metabolic processes and fat reduction are created. Before the anti-cellulite massage session it is important to warm up (using a bath, a shower or bath).
Massager «Pharaoh» is a universal regulator of body weight. For the purpose of weight loss, process the area of the abdomen, back, waist, hips for 20-40 minutes before eating by the 3rd and 4th kinds of projections. Some users after such massage with pleasure exclude food intake. To increase the weight it is recommended to massage with the 1st and 2nd kinds of projections in 5-15 minutes after meal.
The hand massager «Pharaoh» is recommended for use at home, as well as in the centers of massage and manual therapy, rehabilitation centers, physical therapy offices, medical and health-improving establishments.
The massager enables a professional masseur not only to enrich his methodology armory with an original and patient-friendly method of massaging, but also to enhance his/her working efficiency 2 to 3 times.


Before massage, check the integrity of the balls of the massager. In presence of mechanical damage, one should make grinding with needle files or sandpaper. It is not recommended to do massage in the presence of abscesses (boils) and other expressed damage on the skin, as well as in the areas of enlarged lymph nodes and in diseases accompanied by fever.
Massager «Pharaoh» is recommended to be stored in the package as it is in the form of a pyramid. Pyramid in its activity zone corrects the space structure, bringing it to a state of harmony. The massager, when it is put in a pyramid, is cleared of negative information fields and gets positive charge of three of the most powerful field structures - «pi», «omega» and «mu».
Complex use of Lyapko applicators, needle rollers and Pharaon massager enhances the treatment efficiency of each component. Besides, massage which follows application enables to improve diffusion of good metals from skin layer, through blood, all over the body.
Convenient and practical, and the most importantly, affordable massager «Pharaoh» will save you from many problems, it will be a good friend of yours and a reliable defender of your health!

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