How to choose Lyapko applicator

Often the question arises, which Lyapko applicator to choose. Immediately it should be noted that applicators do not have differences between themselves in terms of the therapeutic and preventive effect. Each uses the same alloy of metals, needles and materials of manufacture.

The main differences are in size, shape and needle pitch. How to choose the best option among a large assortment? Here are a few recommendations that will help not to get confused, and decide on the purchase of the applicator.

Needle pitch

An important parameter that is worth paying attention to is the needle pitch (the distance between the needles). Our applicators vary in needle pitch, from 3.5 to 7.0 mm. It is selected depending on the individual sensitivity of the skin and the required degree of intensity of exposure, focusing on the comfort of sensations during the procedure.

For children, patients with hypersensitivity or a thin layer of subcutaneous fat, applicators with a thicker pitch (3.5-4.9 mm) are recommended. Adults with a normal physique - 5.8-6.2 mm. With a large layer of subcutaneous fat, 6.2-7.0 mm. Using any applicator, you can get an intense or delicate effect by self-regulating the force of the clamp. To reduce the pressing force, use the applicator through gauze folded in 2-3 layers or another thin, natural fabric. 

Large types of applicators

It is important to note that the larger the simultaneous area of ​​impact of the applicator, the faster the therapeutic and healing effect will be obtained. We begin recommendations with UALP Mat Large 7.0 Ag . It has the greatest area of ​​impact and the distance between the needles is 7.0 mm, due to which it has an increased intensity and effectiveness of exposure. Recommended for back and large areas of the body. It has a therapeutic effect not only on problem areas, but also the entire body.

Also for large areas of the body, Lyapko applicators can be selected:

All flat applicators are designed to obtain a complete procedure without the help of an outsider.

Small types of applicators

These include: UALP Sputnik Plus, UALP Chance, UALP Narodny 7.0 Ag, UALP Duet, UALTs Needle Ball 4.0 Ag, UALP Kraplinka 3.5 Ag. Lyapko's small applicators are designed to more accurately affect the pain areas. They can be used for colds, toothache, to affect the active points on the palms, feet, wrist, problem areas in the lower back, etc. Some can be fixed on the body and walk during the day.

Valiks Lyapko

Rollers are applicators for dynamic application (the millionth "needle-like shower"). Used on all parts of the body. The roller requires the help of another person, if you need to work on hard-to-reach places. If you decide that you need a roller Lyapko, then you need to know the features of each.

UALTS Roller Face M 3.5 Ag is specifically designed to affect the face and scalp area. It also makes it possible to run around virtually any part of the body (zones of small joints of the limbs, hands and feet), also ideal for children.

UALTS Roller universal M 3.5 Ag is used on all parts of the head and body. Can be used in the treatment and diagnosis of people of all age groups.

UALZ Roller Big M 5.0 Ag has the largest working surface and needle pitch, which allows you to work on large areas of the body: back, waist, sacrum, buttocks, chest, abdomen, limbs. Recommended for the treatment of patients with a large physique or overweight. Used to combat cellulite.

Applicators that allow movement during the procedure.

These types of applicators include UA Magic tape “Health” 4.3 Ag, UALP Insoles plus 5.0 Ag , UALP Universal belt 4.3 Ag (M) , UALP Belt “Baby” , UALP Chamomile M 5.0 Ag .

Due to its flexibility and elasticity, the tapes are very effective for pain in the spine, joints, muscles, headaches, for varicose disease of the lower extremities, for injuries and fractures.

Insoles affect not only the feet, but also the entire body, since there are many biologically active points on the feet. The specially selected size of the restriction rollers doses and corrects the force of the needles impact on the reflexogenic zones of the sole, preventing and eliminating the possibility of skin damage.

Belts consist of plates that are located on two adjustable belts that allow you to move them, choosing a comfortable position to influence small areas of the head, torso, upper and lower limbs. Thanks to reliable clamps attached to problem areas. Belts are convenient for those who have a lack of time, they allow you to do your usual activities and at the same time heal.

Applicator "Chamomile-M" versatile multi-functional applicator due to the presence of "moving petals", you can repeat the relief of any part of the body. Comes with rubber bands and fixing lacing with the help of which is securely fixed on the body. If desired, you can cut the applicator along the specified lines and get segments for various options for styling and fixation into various hard-to-reach areas of the body.


Massager Pharaoh has significantly pronounced massage properties: using four planes with different radii of curvature of the working protrusions, you can perform four types of general and segmental massage and five types of acupressure.

Massager Pharaoh L.

Massager "Pharaoh L" is unique in that it combines the positive general healing effect of the pyramidal structure, greatly enhanced by the influence of minerals. This structure of the massager allows you to work on the physical body, and, importantly, on the thin field structures of the body, which, in fact, are the main causes of diseases.