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CONTENT Introduction Features of the Lyapko applicators.Theoretical aspects of surface multi-needle therapy with Lyapko applicators. Mechanisms of action of the applicators Basics reflex diagnostics. How is Lyapko applicator designed? A variety of products Lyapko.Differences of applicators-plates from the rollers How to work with an applicator? Exposure duration .Indications for use .Contraindications to use of applicators .Disinfection of applicator devices Lyapko. Recommendations for the use of Lyapko applicators. Applique therapy during pregnancy .Schemes of applicators exposure for various diseases. Applicator «Chamomile-M» . Applicator-belt. Belt «Magic tape» Health» .Applicator rollers. Lyapko applicators «Needle ball». Lyapko applicators «Multifunctional Belt M». Massager «Pharaoh. Applicator in Questions and Answers. The results of applying of Lyapko applicators .

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Dear readers,

You are holding a publication dedicated to your health! On its pages we will show you a simple but effective way to forget about pain, to prevent its occurrence. We will present you a great family of Lyapko application devices (hereinafter – «applicators») and get acquainted with the specifics of their application. Our applicators are designed for general use in the treatment and prevention of various diseases and pathological conditions. You will make sure it is a great tool for strengthening and preservation of health.

Taking as a basis the Chinese healing method of acupuncture (stimulation of biologically active sites and zones with a bunch of needles), we applied a unique technology for the manufacture of multy-needle applicators of various metals and metal coatings, originally placing them in a specific order on a rubber base.

To your attention we offer to discuss topics related to the use of rehabilitation techniques and disease prevention, based on the use of application therapy. The main purpose of the book is to teach you to be healthy. We consider we should tell you about the possibilities of applicators Lyapko, describe the mechanism of their action, help to understand the specifics of the use of individual types of applicators. I believe that after having read this book, you will be convinced: applicators operate efficiently and reliably, provide a real return of strength and energy, strengthen the mind and body, leading to health, harmony and happiness!

I nourish the hope that the book will be of interest and will be a good companion for anyone who is committed as long as possible to preserve the most valuable thing we have in life –health! After all, as the sages say, health  is not everything, but everything without health is nothing!

I sincerely hope that by reading this book, you will choose your way to good health, longevity and happiness! After all, a lot of the main pages of life have not been written because of the neglect of health.

President of “Lyapko” LLC


of the highest category,

candidate of medical sciences N.G. Lyapko

Detailed instructions for use Lyapko application devices (Lyapko applicators)

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