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185 грн.

Flat Lyapko application device `Travel Mate Plus`, needle step –5,8, size – 59х235 mm, quantity of needles – 445. Make up: iron, copper, nickel, zinc, silver, rubber for medical purposes.

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Lyapko applicators are made in the form of elastic rubber plates and rollers. They are made of rubber for medical purposes (using only natural rubber) with the original fixed-in needles of metals necessary for the body (copper, iron, zinc, nickel, silver). 

Use of flat Lyapko applicators is the best way to eliminate pain and fatigue without assistant`s help. The applicator forces protective functions of an organism "to wake up" and turn on in active fight against an illness.

Lyapko applicators of small size can be used for long-lasting effect in zones of acute pain, trigger zones, in zones with great number of acupuncture points. They are recommended to be carried under a belt, elastic bandage or the strengthening bandage. Exposure time is 30 minutes - 3 hours.

To achieve desirable health care effect it is recommended to apply different applicators in each particular case, so a  universal set of Lyapko applicators must be in your medicine chest: 2 flat applicators (`Quadro` or `Chance`), 2 – 3 applicators of small size (`Travel mate` or `Droplet`), 1 – 2 rollers (`Multifunctial`, `Facial` or `Big`).

The step of needles of an applicator is selected on individual skin sensitivity which not always depends on age. Children, people, with hypersensibility, gentle skin, a thin constitution are recommended to use applicators and rollers with a step of needles of 3,5-5,8 mm.

Exposure time depends on symptoms At intense pain, hypotension, drowsiness, weakness, reduced sensitivity and efficiency the impact is effectively carried out in the morning and in the first half of the day. Duration of treatment is 10 - 20 minutes. In chronic diseases, increased blood pressure, irritability, agitation, insomnia it is recommended to use applicators in the afternoon or before bedtime. Duration of exposure is 20-30 minutes.

The main condition for a correct placement is homogenous distribution of body over the entire applicator surface. Never place the applicator on a completely flat surface. To place the applicators properly, one need simulate the most accurately the spine curves in the cervical and lumbar spine using the pillows and folded towel rolls. During the first five minutes of «dialogue» with an applicator relatively uncomfortable stinging sensation are transformed into a comfortable feeling of a powerful heat, pleasant «vibration», tingling, subsequently it may be a feeling of drowsiness, general relaxation, turning into a healthy restful sleep. If there is discomfort for 10-15 minutes, remove the applicators and use only after 5-10 hours or the next day, capturing a smaller area. The causes of uncomfortable sensations may be incorrect use of applicators, i.e. uneven load on the needle and slide of applicators accompanied by skin scarring. To eliminate these phenomena, one should rise above the applicator, lie down again and putt a soft roller under the knees.

Lyapko application devices in use are in contact with the skin without damaging it, and have no contact with blood. In hospitals after the session of applications they need to be disinfected in accordance with the Standards of disinfection of medical devices, they must be totally soaked in a disinfectant solution. Lyapko application device can be disinfected by dry-cleaning detergent for products from medical rubber and non-corrosive metals. If Lyapko application devices are used individually, they need no disinfection. Hygienic care treatment involves periodic cleaning with cleanser (shampoo, liquid soap), with a brush, washing with running water and drying with a stream of hot air (with a hair dryer). In case of correct care service life of the applicator is 5 — 7 years.


Diseases and damages of a musculoskeletal system
1. Overstrain of the neuromuscular apparatus
2. Myositis
3. Myalgiya
4. Chronic tendovaginitis
5. Damage of the ligamentous apparatus of spine column and appendicular joints
6. Scoliosis
7. Injuries, fractures of bones
8. Postoperative states
9. Osteochondrosis
10. Osteoporosis
11. Arthritis
12. Arthrosis
13. Joint pain
14. Back pain

Diseases of nervous system
1. Recovering from craniocerebral injuries and strokes
2. Neurologic implications of osteochondrosis of a backbone
3. Lumbago
4. Neuritis
5. Neuralgia
6. Myasthenia
7. Spastic paralyzes
8. Hysteria, nervosism, insomnia
9. Sexual neurosises
10. Nocturnal enuresis
11. Migraine
12. Raynaud's disease
13. Cerebral palsy

Heart and vessels diseases
1. Hypertonia
2. Hypotension
3. Ischemic heart disease (stenocardia, cardiosclerosis)
4. Varicosity of the lower extremities
5. Hemorrhoids

Diseases of respiratory organs
1. Rhinitis
2. Anginas
3. Laryngitis
4. Bronchitis
5. Pneumonia
6. Bronchial asthma (including allergic origin)

Diseases of digestive system
1. Gastritis
2. Stomach hypotonia
3. Peptic ulcer
4. Intestines dyskinesia
5. Colitis (constipations)
6. Hepatic colic
7. Dyskinesia of a gall bladder
8. Pancreatitis
9. Meteorizm (abdominal distension)

1. Pregnancy sickness
2. Hypo - and gipergalactiya
3. Pregnancy preservation
4. Anesthesia and regulation of patrimonial activity, restoration in the postnatal period and after Caesarian operation

Female diseases
1. Disturbance of an ovarialno-menstrual cycle (amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea)
2. Adnexites
3. Menopausal syndrome
4. Sterility

1. Gglomerulonefrit, pyelonephritis
2. Renal colic
3. Cystitis
4. Cistalgiya
5. Prostatitis
6. Prostate adenoma

Skin diseases
1. Neurodermite
2. Urticariafever
3. Skin itch
4. Eczema

1. Parodontosis
2. Stomatitis
3. Anesthesia at stomatologic operations
4. Dentagra

Endocrine diseases
1. Hypothyrosis, hyperthyroidism
2. Diabetes mellitus
3. Nutritional obesity

Reviews (3)

Ксения 21/08/2018
3 reviews
Купила данный коврик на подарок. Сама пользуюсь аналогичным уже более года. Удобен в дороге. У кого болит позвоночник - это не заменимая вещь! Отличный аппликатор, быстрое обслуживание и доставка. Спасибо вам!
Виктория 13/07/2017
3 reviews
Добрый день, очень удобный аппликатор, беру его в дорогу. Много места не занимает и выручает меня от боли при усталости в шеи и пояснице.
Владимир Антонович 21/02/2017
3 reviews
Услышал об устройствах аппликационных Ляпко и купил себе модель «Спутник». Долгое время страдал стенокардией. Стал прикладывать «Спутник» четко по часам и по рисункам, зонам и точкам, указанным в методичке. Через каждые 8 дней применения делал перерыв, строго по предписаниям. Вскоре мне стало легче. Сейчас чувствую себя хорошо и уже полгода не принимаю никаких лекарств. Победил и еще одну болезнь. Несколько лет страдаю аденомой простаты. Такой победе я чрезвычайно рад и буду продолжать заниматься профилактикой болезни с помощью устройства аппликационного Ляпко. Рекомендую всем, кто страдает такими недугами, применять это чудодейственное средство.
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