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FLAD Insoles Plus Ag ( size 37-40)

598 грн.

Needle step - 5,0, quantity of needles - 1494, the size - 37-40 (100х252 mm). Make up: iron, copper, nickel, zinc, silver, rubber of medical purposes. The producer can change a complete set of these goods.

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Lyapko applicator `Insoles Plus` is original and special. Specially selected magnitude of restrictive rollers doses and adjusts the power of the needle impacts on the reflex zones of the plantae, preventing and eliminating the possibility of damage of skin. `Insoles Plus` applicator helps to restore and normalize the function of all organs and systems. The applicator stimulates natural abilities of an organism to self-healing, awakens "the internal doctor".

Lyapko applicator `Insoles Plus` is an improving system which suits everyone without age, sex or weight limits! It is possible to step on insoles accurately. It is also possible to stand on them, walk, run and even jump and dance with them. In a set with insoles there are slippers, for fixing and convenience of application.

Time of impact of «Insoles» is determined by the desired effect:

•          stimulating (tonic) effect - 5-7 minutes in an active motor mode (walking, running); standing on the insoles or intensive «laminating» foot with the insoles.

•          calming (sedative) effect – 15-30 minutes of smooth, progressive, wave-like motion of the foot with the insole, at the initial sitting position in a chair or lying in bed. It is possible to step on insoles accurately. It is also possible to stand on them, walk, run and even jump and dance with them.

Having put the insole inside a cotton sock (size 27-29) and wearing it on foot, while in a sitting position, some objects such as a rolling pin or glass bottle can be rolled along the floor to optimize the effect.

Lyapko applicator `Insoles Plus`  is easy in use, you can put cotton wool between the insole-applicator and slippers at the zone level which must be activated; to enhance the effect you can put on the insole a fabric layer – 2-3 layers of cheesecloth or thin cotton cloth dampened with a solution of medicinal products, a decoction of herbs, salt solution. «Insoles» can also be used on any areas of the body.

Lyapko applicator `Insoles Plus` is return to the nature!

Lyapko applicators invented by the reflexologist N.G. Lyapko are intended for application with the medical purpose. They are also used as the prophylactic for strengthening and maintaining health, increasing working capacity and general vitality, normalizing sleep, mood and metabolism.

Lyapko applicator is an elastic rubber plate with the needles fixed in its base. The needles are of necessary for an organism metals: zinc, copper, iron, nickel and silver. It is intended for appliqués on any parts of the body (back, stomach, extremities, area of a thorax, etc.).

Use of flat Lyapko applicators is the most optimum way to eliminate pain and fatigue. It doesn`t demand assistant`s help. Exposure time depends on the available symptoms.

In chronic diseases, increased blood pressure, irritability, agitation, insomnia it is recommended to use applicators in the afternoon or before bedtime. Duration of exposure for flat applicator is 20-30 minutes.

At intense pain, hypotension, drowsiness, weakness, reduced sensitivity and efficiency the impact is effectively carried out in the morning and the first half of the day. Duration of treatment is 10 - 20 minutes.

If Lyapko application devices are used individually, they need no disinfection. Hygienic care treatment involves periodic cleaning with cleanser (shampoo, liquid soap), with a brush, washing with running water and drying with a stream of hot air (with a hair dryer).

In case of correct care service life of the applicator is 5 — 7 years.

Reviews (5)

Аня 05/08/2020
5 reviews
Аппликаторами Ляпко пользуюсь давно, коврик для моей спины- настоящее спасение. А теперь вот и стельками обзавелась.Первые попытки постоять на них моими 65 килограммами были ну невыносимыми, но потом, после нескольких попыток по минутке, по две, пересилив боль, продержалась 10 минут, дальше будет легче, уверена. И да, отличная мотивация скинуть десяток лишних кило ))
Татьяна 11/07/2019
5 reviews
Уже даже не помню сколько лет пользуюсь стельками вечером, лежа в кровати, ходить не получается. Раньше была на учете, как гипертоник, сейчас в 47 лет давление 120*80, отеки ног прошли, хотя 3 раза отрывался тромб и, соответственно, нога не смогла полностью восстановиться. Аппликаторами пользуется вся моя семья в разных случаях, даже сын, который скептик, попробовал и поверил, потому что почувствовал облегчение в спине. Огромное спасибо Ляпко Николаю Григорьевичу за это чудесное изобретение. Спасибо за Вашу светлую голову и стремление помочь людям.
Павел 18/12/2017
5 reviews
Купил для мамы (70 лет), очень довольна, ходит вечером минут по 20-30, после 5 дней использования перестала по утрам кружиться голова.
Irina 10/11/2017
5 reviews
Laypko applicator is a great opportunity to keep body healthy. Applicator Insole is a universal one, as you can influence with it on your feet, back and other body areas. Due to its small needle step only pleasant feelings occur during influence, even my kid enjoys this kind of healing. We are greatful for such important invention.
Назар 13/07/2017
5 reviews
Приобрел аппликатор стельки. Использую утром 15 минуток что бы проснуться, взбодриться. Вечером могу дольше около 30минут, очень расслабляет и снимает усталость.
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