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FLAD «Chance 6,2х4» Ag

1312 грн.

Flat Lyapko application device «Chance 6,2х4» needle pitch - 6,2mm, size - 475х235 mm, number of needles – 3000. Make up: iron, copper, nickel, zinc, silver, rubber for medical purposes. Colors: blue, red, orange, green, dark blue.

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  • Specification

  • Method of application

A large  ​​impact area and comfortable needle step of 6.2 mm allow applying it on any part of a body. Due to elastic rubber connections it is very convenient in use, transportation and storage.

 It can be used independently or with other applicators on any zones.
The high therapeutic and health effect is due to the pronounced reflex-mechanical, galvanic-electrical and immunological properties of Lyapko applicators. As a result of their use, the activity of the musculoskeletal, nervous, cardiovascular, lymphatic, digestive and other systems of the body is normalized.

Having no side effects Lyapko applicator causes body defenses to "wake up" and engage in active struggle with a disease.

Lyapko application devices in the process of use come into contact with the skin without damaging it, and have no blood contact. In healthcare centers after a session of applications, they must be disinfected according to the Standards for disinfecting medical devices by immersing them in a disinfectant solution. For disinfection non-chlorine-containing disinfectants for products made from medical rubber and non-corrosion resistant metals are used, which are allowed for use in healthcare centers in accordance with the methodological guidelines for their use.

When used individually, Lyapko applicator needs no disinfection. Hygienic care includes: cleaning with a washing solution (shampoo, liquid soap), rinsing with running water and drying with a stream of hot air (using a hair dryer). With proper care, the service life of the applicator is 5 - 7 years.

The use of flat applicators is an effective and comfortable way to eliminate pain and fatigue, and in the morning to recharge your life energy for the whole day.

Diseases and damages of a musculoskeletal system

1. Overstrain of the neuromuscular apparatus
2. Myositis
3. Myalgiya
4. Chronic tendovaginitis
5. Damage of the ligamentous apparatus of spine column and appendicular joints
6. Scoliosis
7. Injuries, fractures of bones
8. Postoperative states
9. Osteochondrosis
10. Osteoporosis
11. Arthritis
12. Arthrosis
13. Joint pain
14. Back pain

Diseases of nervous system

1. Recovering from craniocerebral injuries and strokes
2. Neurologic implications of osteochondrosis of a backbone
3. Lumbago
4. Neuritis
5. Neuralgia
6. Myasthenia
7. Spastic paralyzes
8. Hysteria, nervosism, insomnia
9. Sexual neurosises
10. Nocturnal enuresis
11. Migraine
12. Raynaud's disease
13. Cerebral palsy

Heart and vessels diseases

1. Hypertonia
2. Hypotension
3. Ischemic heart disease (stenocardia, cardiosclerosis)
4. Varicosity of the lower extremities
5. Hemorrhoids

Diseases of respiratory organs

1. Rhinitis
2. Anginas
3. Laryngitis
4. Bronchitis
5. Pneumonia
6. Bronchial asthma (including allergic origin)

Diseases of digestive system

1. Gastritis
2. Stomach hypotonia
3. Peptic ulcer
4. Intestines dyskinesia
5. Colitis (constipations)
6. Hepatic colic
7. Dyskinesia of a gall bladder
8. Pancreatitis
9. Meteorizm (abdominal distension)


1. Pregnancy sickness
2. Hypo - and gipergalactiya
3. Pregnancy preservation
4. Anesthesia and regulation of patrimonial activity, restoration in the postnatal period and after Caesarian operation

Female diseases

1. Disturbance of an ovarialno-menstrual cycle (amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea)
2. Adnexites
3. Menopausal syndrome
4. Sterility


1. Gglomerulonefrit, pyelonephritis
2. Renal colic
3. Cystitis
4. Cistalgiya
5. Prostatitis
6. Prostate adenoma

Skin diseases

1. Neurodermite
2. Urticariafever
3. Skin itch
4. Eczema


1. Parodontosis
2. Stomatitis
3. Anesthesia at stomatologic operations
4. Dentagra

Endocrine diseases

1. Hypothyrosis, hyperthyroidism
2. Diabetes mellitus
3. Nutritional obesity

Reviews (3)

Алекс 04/11/2020
3 reviews
Благодарю! Все пришло быстро, но не расчитал размер-маловат. Надо было брать больше………… Прийдётся ещё заказывать.
Бэла Моисеевна 18/12/2019
3 reviews
Уважаемые сотрудники и посетители сайта! У вас есть прекрасный консультант Анна! Два дня я приставала к ней с вопросами о таких отсутствующих во всех описаниях деталях аппликаторов Ляпко, которые она не могла и не должна была знать. Но Анна всё это время терпеливо общалась со мной и дала дополнительную информацию, позволившую выяснить важные для меня особенности этих изделий и сделать обоснованный выбор. Анна меня очень выручила! Моя благодарность и большое спасибо Анне! Желаю здоровья, успехов, удачи и процветания Анне, всему коллективу сотрудников сайта и вам, посетители, тоже!
Павел 15/11/2019
3 reviews
Быстрая доставка, качество на высоте, но присутствует небольшой запах резины. Удобно складывается, получается компактно. Жаль не оказалось зелёного цвета.
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