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Lyapko application device «Multifunctional belt M» consists of 5 non-fixed plates and 2 adjustable belts which allow to move plates, choosing a comfortable position for impact on small sites of head, trunk, the upper and lower extremities (the size of one plate fixed on eyes - 140х65mm (2 pieces), the size of 3 plates fixed on area of a nape - 90x65, 68x65, 77kh65mm, a step of needles - 4,3 mm, quantity of needles - 1485). Plates are made of rubber for medical purposes. The needles of necessary for an organism metals (copper, zinc, iron, silver, nickel) are fixed in rubber base.

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  • Method of application

The use of Lyapko applicator «Multifunctional belt M» is possible both independently and in combination with other therapies in neurology, ophthalmology, dentistry, ENT, cosmetology, narcology (in treatment of alcohol, nicotine and other dependencies),as well as to restore life tone, good mood and capacity for work.
In response to influence of the applicator, in the place of its application the organism begins to allocate strenuously the "internal drugs" which helps to improve blood supply, strengthen the exchange and recovery processes which kill pain and reduce hypostases.

Neurology and ophthalmology
The systematic use of the Lyapko applicator «Multifunctional belt M» for various areas of the face and scalp helps to get rid of headaches, relieve tension, improve health, hearing, memory, and sleep quality. It helps to enhance the conductivity of the optic nerve, improve blood circulation and metabolism in the brain and eyes.
ULA «Multifunctional belt M» provides curative effect on the organs of vision and eye area: relaxes the muscles of the eyeball, reduces eyestrain, restores accommodative lens function, elasticity and firmness of muscles, relaxing and training them. It is recommended to maintain and improve vision, and for the treatment and prevention of myopia, age (presbyopia) and congenital hyperopia (mild to moderate), spasm of accommodation (pseudomyopia), in the treatment of glaucoma, cataract, visual fatigue (asthenopia), optic nerves atrophy, diabetic retinopathy. Its use warns the computer syndrome, removes wrinkles and improves the elasticity of the skin around the eyes. The applicator belt is good for relief of symptoms caused by an increased load on the eyes (pain, cramps in the eyes, irritation, dryness). Additional finger clamps of varying intensity on the area of application around the eyes and the eyeballs, temples and neck enhance the effect of the application therapy. The simultaneous effect on the nape of the neck area with an additional plate improves cerebral blood circulation, relieves spasm of cerebral vessels. The use of the Lyapko applicator «Multifunctional belt M» in the area of the mouth is recommended in trigeminal neuralgia, diseases of the teeth, mouth, etc. Therapeutic effect increases if influence over the gauze pad folded in 1-3 layers and wetted with potable or sea water, saline or herb broth.
In pediatric practice, the use of the Lyapko applicator «Multifunctional belt M» on the eye area is recommended to 5 year old children under the supervision of adults. T is good at treatment of mild to moderate amblyopia.

A child need to be encouraged by own example: a mother in the child’s presence puts on the ULA «Multifunctional belt M» on her closed eyes. She shows that it is safe and does not hurt. It is important to explain to your child that the procedure is pleasant and useful. It can be as a game to a child. After that, the mother puts gently the ULA «Multifunctional belt M» on the closed eyes of the child for several times. When the child calms down, gets used to new sensations, he understands that it is safe, the ULA «Multifunctional belt M» can be fixed just for 1 minute, while keeping a child by the hand, so that he could feel the physical presence of his mother, and be sure to talk to him (you can read fairy tales, remember something pleasant for the child or to draw visual images). It is necessary to remind your child constantly that he needs to keep his eyes closed, he does not need try to open them. Applications are carried out on the closed eyes 1-2 times a day, gradually increasing the time of the procedure up to 5-7 minutes. Course of the application is 7-10 days, it can be repeated after 10-12 days.

On the human body there is a large number of vital areas and points, through which it is possible to effect positively both on the internal organs, and the entire body as a whole. For example: below the knee and on the outer side there is a point against «a hundred diseases» E36 (Tsu-san-li). A little above it, 1-2 cm – there is a starting point for treatment of alcohol and other addictions (Tsu-li-pan). If to attach on the area of these points the applicator belt, it will contribute to further release of endorphins and other «internal medicine» that enhance and normalize metabolic processes in the body.

Contraindications to use of applicators:

  • acute infectious diseases;
  • an exacerbation of chronic diseases with ferve scence;
  • conditions of a decompensation at diseases of cardiovascular system, lungs, a liver, kidneys;
  • acute thrombophlebites;
  • illnesses of  blood and the hemopoietic organs in a decompensation stage;
  • acute surgical states;
  • attrition;
  • disturbances of an integrity of integuments: wounds, combustions, frostbites, etc.

Lyapko application devices in use are in contact with the skin without damaging it, and have no contact with blood. In hospitals after the session of applications they need to be disinfected in accordance with the Standards of disinfection of medical devices, they must be totally soaked in a disinfectant solution. Lyapko application device can be disinfected by dry-cleaning detergent for products from medical rubber and non-corrosive metals. If Lyapko application devices are used individually, they need no disinfection. Hygienic care treatment involves periodic cleaning with cleanser (shampoo, liquid soap), with a brush, washing with running water and drying with a stream of hot air (with a hair dryer).

 In case of correct care service life of the applicator is 5 — 7 years.

The Lyapko applicator «Multifunctional belt M» can be applied to any problem areas of the body.
To relieve fatigue, improve health, vision, hearing, after working at the computer, carry out the procedure on the eye area with your eyes closed from 2-3 minutes to 12-15 minutes 1-10 times per day. To release emotional stress, improve sleep, remove swelling under the eyes, use for15-25 minutes. At macular degeneration, partial atrophy of the optic nerve – the time of use is 15 minutes. It is recommended to have 3 courses of applications during 10-12 days with a break of 10-12 days. It can be repeated after 1 month after examination of an ophthalmologist. The procedures are done in a sitting or lying position.
Applications can be used after consulting a doctor in the medical and health institutions, as well as on one’s own at home.
Points and zones of application of the Lyapko application device «Multifunctional belt M» on the area of the scalp, temples, ears, face and neck at various diseases and states are described below.
1. Shen-tin (VG24) – indications: neuralgia of the first branch of the trigeminal nerve, dizziness, pain in the eyes, watery eyes, nasal disease, emotional lability, sleep disturbances, anxiety.
2. Tsian-din (VG21) – indications: headache, dizziness, pain in the parietal region of the head, cerebrovascular insufficiency; rhinitis, epistaxis, ear infections, convulsions.
3. Bai-huey (VG20) – indications: headache, dizziness, nasal congestion, noise ears, hemorrhoids, seizures
4. Hou-Din (VG19) – indications: headache, dizziness, nosebleeds, pain in the neck and back of the head, neck stiffness of muscles; bronchial asthma.
5. Nao-kun (VB19) – indications: reduced vision, shortness of breath, nosebleeds, antipyretic effect, cervical radiculitis, neuralgia of the occipital nerve, neck muscles contracture, and is also important in treatment of eye diseases.
6. Fu-bai (VB10) – indications: headache, tinnitus, limb paresis, teak and contracture of the muscles of the nape area.
7. Tsin-min (V1) – indications: conjunctivitis, lacrimation.
8. Tsuan-zhu (V2) – indications: headache, pain in the forehead, neuralgia of the first branch of the trigeminal nerve; blurred vision, tearing, eyelids muscle spasms.
9. Mei-chun (V3) – indications: headache, dizziness; nasal disease, alleviating the sense of smell, frontitis; eye disease.
10. Yuy-yao (PC6) – indications: migraine, diseases of the eye.
11. Yang Bay(VB14) – indications: headache, dizziness, vomiting; teak and spasm of the facial muscles; neuralgia and neuritis of the trigeminal and facial nerves.
12. Sy-chzhu-kun (TR23) – indications: pain in the frontal and temporal areas, dizziness, migraine, conjunctivitis, decreased visual acuity; paresis, paralysis of the facial nerve.
13. Tung-tszy-liao (VB1) – indications: headache; diseases of eyes, tearing, decreased visual acuity, signs of atrophy of the optic nerve, glaucoma; peripheral facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia.
14. Cheng-tsy (E1) – indications: nearsightedness, farsightedness, watery eyes, astigmatism, optic neuritis, ritinitis, cataracts, paresis of the extraocular muscles.
15. Sy-bay (E2) – indications: conjunctivitis, glaucoma, keratitis; neuralgia of the second branch of the trigeminal nerve, facial nerve paresis, eyelid ptosis, lowering of the mouth corner, upper eyelid muscles spasm; headache, dizziness.
16. Yin-tan (PC3) – indications: headache in the forehead, dizziness; diseases of the nose; eye diseases; high blood pressure.
17. Tsuy-Liao (E3) – indications: glaucoma, watery eyes; neuralgia of the first branch of the trigeminal nerve, eyelid ptosis, lowering of the mouth corner, eyelid muscle spasm; nose bleed; pain in the teeth of the upper jaw, cheeks and lips.
18. Di-tsan (E4) – indications: trigeminal neuralgia, facial nerve paresis, eyelids spasm and ptosis, lowering of the mouth corner, drooling.
19. He-liao (GI 19) – indications: decreased sense of smell, nosebleeds, vasomotor rhinitis, paresis of the facial muscles of the mouth, lockjaw, asthma.
20. Jen-chun (VG26) – resuscitation period. Indications: provision of ambulance with loss of consciousness, convulsive hysterical fits.
21. Dui-Duan (VG27) – indications: provision of ambulance with loss of consciousness, epistaxis, trigeminal neuralgia.
22. Chen-tsziang (VC24) – indications: neuralgia and neuritis of the lower branches of the trigeminal and facial nerves, convulsive state, swelling of the face. This point is particularly important in hysterical fits, and in provision of ambulance (collapse,diabetic coma, etc.).
23. Tou-vey (E8) – indications: trigeminal neuralgia, migraine, neuritis of the facial nerve, decreased vision, conjunctivitis.
24. Tay-yan (PC9) – indications: pain in the temporal area of the head, migraine, neuralgia and neuritis of the trigeminal and facial nerves, spasm and contracture of the facial muscles.
25. Nao-hu (VG17) – located on the top edge of the occiput (the thalamus). Indications: headache, pain and tension of neck muscles; eye pain, decrease in visual acuity, improves the conduction of nerve impulses along the optic nerve; neurasthenia.
26. Suan-li (VB6) – indications: pain in the temporal region of the head; eye diseases; toothache, swelling of the face.

Reviews (3)

Светлана 06/08/2020
3 reviews
Приобрели недавно, о результатах говорить рано, но довольны оперативным обслуживанием и быстрой бесплатной доставкой. Спасибо) Кроме того, импонирует возможность проконсультироваться по вопросам эксплуатации. Само изделие выглядит очень добротно и приятно Еще раз благодарю)
Ольга Петровна 30/06/2017
3 reviews
Использую пояс Универсальный при головных болях, ношу дома, как повязку, очень удобно и боль проходит.
Кристина 02/06/2017
3 reviews
Работаю целыми днями за компьютером, к вечеру в глазах как песок. Ипользую перед сном пояс Универсальный, очень довольна, даже спать лучше стала.
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