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Lyapko application suit is an original, powerful device with a set of health improving opportunities.

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Complete set of appliqué suit Lyapko

Lyapko's application suit consists of ribbons packed in two cases.

Large ribbon case contains:

  • 3-way 12-segment - 1 pc. for fixing on the body;
  • 2-way 12-segment - 2 pcs. for fixing on the legs;
  • 1-way 12-segment - 1 pc. additional;

Small case with ribbons contains:

  • 2-way 9-segment - 2 pcs. for fixing on the hands;
  • 1-way 9-segment - 1 pc. for fixing on the head, neck;
  • 1-way 7-segment - 2 pcs. additional;

Each application tape on both sides has a needle-free section of the bin-rubber designed for fixing.


Lyapko application suit is an original, powerful device with a set of health improving opportunities.

During application of Lyapko application suit the adjustable positive training stress is caused in an organism. It helps to switch on the mechanism of protective reserves.  At the same time there is a release of endorphins, activization of exchange processes.

At the cellular level, at the level of subconsciousness, pricks of needles of Lyapko application suit help to form a powerful and very useful alarm signal which imitates the threat of life and the organism instantly passes into a specific mode of work with fantastic superpower.

There is an emission of "natural internal drugs", exchange processes which are followed by allocation of a large amount of carbon dioxide are intensified, besides the need for external oxygen decreases as endogenous breath with use of the endogenous (internal) oxygen which is in fatty tissue begins.

The sleeping internal reserves, mechanisms of improvement and rejuvenation of an organism waken. It gives to a person superforce and superhealth. There is a surprising feeling of unusual rest, pleasure, ease, an opportunity to be disconnected from all the thoughts.

Techniques of application of Lyapko application suit

  • classical recovery and preparatory,
  • rehabilitation;
  • prestarting.

Clothing of a suit on classical recovery and preparatory technique is recommended 1-2 times a month for achievement of the cumulative improving effect, after or before physical and psychological overworks. Duration of the procedure is 30-90 minutes. At first, in a standing position wind a trunk with 12 segment 1+2 application tape. After this the patient need to be laid on in advance prepared couch. Application tapes are fixed on legs and arms in a prone position. An indicator of correctly put on suit is patient`s comfort feelings.

For the maximum effect it is necessary to influence the head, palmar and plantar surfaces, having wrapped up them with application tapes. Apply a technique of restriction and regulation of breath with use of a respiratory pyramid or the respiratory devices creating a condition of the dosed hypoxia-giperkapnii.

It is very important to prepare correctly a couch for laying. For this purpose it is necessary to simulate most precisely physiological bends of a backbone (cervical and lumbar) by means of soft rollers.

Before the procedure the patient`s arterial blood pressure must be checked.

After the suit is put on, relax, breathe correctly – slowly and superficially. Often patients fall asleep. Nearby there has to be a medic or a person with medical skills who carries out the procedure to control the patient (to weaken or strengthen degree of pressure of segments of a suit, to control health).

The procedure shouldn't be carried out on a hungry stomach, it is better to apply application suit in one or one and a half hours after a meal.

Take off a suit upside-down. At first from the head, hands and legs, and then from a trunk. After removal of an application suit it is desirable to check arterial blood pressure (in most cases it is normalized), to lie, have a rest (to have a sleep) about 30-40 minutes.

The effect of the procedure is observed for several weeks and shown by improvement of the general state, mood, power rise, increase in endurance, working capacity.

Just before the action demanding the maximum power expenses (physical and psychological) it is recommended to apply a prestarting technique. It is carried out in a standing position. The suit puts on completely, or fragmentary (hands, legs). Special attention should be paid to muscles which will be most involved during training process or competition. After that it is possible to carry out the active movements (inclinations, squats, etc.). Duration of the procedure is no more than 5 - 10 minutes.

The rehabilitation technique is applied after serious loadings. Fragments of a suit put on on the parts of a body demanding restoration. It is necessary to involve from 15 to 60% of a surface of a body. Duration of the procedure is 15-50 minutes.


Indications to use

• the non-drug method of improvement which stimulates natural adaptive opportunities of an organism, normalizes work of all organs and systems, promotes restoration of vitality, good mood, working capacity;
• use before long moving, meetings, change of time zones etc is recommended;
• in sports medicine the restoring, rehabilitational and prestarting techniques can be used;
• in a remission stage, at diseases and damages of a musculoskeletal system, diseases of nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine, urogenital systems, pathology of respiratory organs.
The correct clothing of an application suit, competent combination of application influence and the dosed hypoxia hypercapnia makes the potent combined stimulating effect on a human body. It is shown by the cumulative recreational effect, normalization of work of all organs and systems, stabilization of activity of nervous and immune systems of an organism, rising of endurance and working capacity.

Regular use of Lyapko application suit is a key to your health, vitality and good mood!

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