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The massagers can be applied with varying degrees of intensity. For this purpose the massager should be turned in such a way that the protrusions selected by you are in the part of the working surface. The sharper the protrusions are, the deeper and more intensive massage can be given.

Four degrees of massage intensity:

  • Light massage is delicate superficial massage with large-radius spheres (base of the pyramid). 
  • More pronounced massage is given with the help of large semi-spheres located on the main spheres; it implies action on the surface layers of muscles. 
  • Deep massage is given with cone protrusions of sphere-shaped tops. Muscles are massaged to the full depth. 
  • High efficiency massage is meant for deep treatment of muscles, tendons and also for massaging up to periosteum; it is carried out with the help of the sharpest cone-shaped protrusions. 

In accordance with the massager application technique various types of massage can be given: 

  • Pointillage massage - one sphere is used to massage certain groups of muscles, palms, soles and biologically active points. 
  • Classical massage is given with two or three spheres simultaneously to massage long muscles of the back and extremities, paravertebral zones, to massage the head and other large surfaces. 
  • Anti-cellulites massage is given with three spheres at a time to massage trouble zones. 
  • Weight reducing is achieved due to acting on the abdomen area, spine, lumbar spine and thighs during 20 – 40 minutes before a meal, until a pleasant sensation of warmth arrives. The appetite can be reduced so significantly that meals can be excluded altogether. 
  • Gaining weight is achieved by massaging the regions of abdomen, spine and lumbar spine with the 1st and 2nd protrusions of the massager from 5 to 15 minutes after meals. 

 Massage duration. Continuous massage from 9 to 15 minutes and longer contributes to utter relaxation of muscles, creating sedative effect which may result in a deep sleep. Short-term massage (3-7 minutes) produces a toning effect. 

To facilitate smooth gliding movement, massage should be given through some thin fabric. For massage it is possible to use various crèmes and ointments. “Pharaon” massagers assist in their equal distribution on the skin and efficient absorption.

Complex use of Lyapko applicators, needle rollers and Pharaon massager enhances the treatment efficiency of each component. Besides, massage which follows application enables to improve diffusion of good metals from skin layer, through blood, all over the body. 

The massager enables a professional masseur not only to enrich his methodology armory with an original and patient-friendly method of massaging, but also to enhance his/her working efficiency 2 to 3 times.


It is not recommended to give massage in case there are abscesses (furuncles) and other skin damages; nor is it advisable in the zones of enlarged lymphatic nodes and in case of diseases accompanied by high temperature.

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