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Lyapko application devices (Lyapko applicators) are elastic rubber plates and rollers which are made of medical rubber, the main component of which is natural rubber. Needles of Lyapko applicators consist of five natural metals which are organic for a human body: zinc, copper, iron, nickel and silver. Applicators help to accelerate metabolism, strengthen the immune system, increase production of biologically active substances.


  •  to increase working capacity and vitality, normalizes sleep and metabolism
  •  to assist prevention and treatment of gastroenteric tract illnesses as well as cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system diseases;
  •  to eliminate sexual disorders, normalize sexual function of both men and women; when an applicator helps to eliminate inflammation and ovarian – menstrual cycle disorders, when it is used for gynaecological disorders treatment
  • to reduce time of complete recovery after craniocerebral injury, fractures, operations, strokes;
  • to normalize hormonal balance, metabolism at endocrine diseases;
  • it doubles or triples efficiency of such methods as massage, ear and general acupuncture, manual and laser therapy, microwave resonant therapy (both when used combined and preliminarily).

Practically without having contraindications and negative side effects, applicators can be at home since they are very simple in use. Lyapko applicators have no analogs in the world as there are no equal by efficiency and received results devices. Applicators help to mobilize domestic resources, stimulate the production of natural medicines in the body in the necessary physiological dosages, compensate the lack of physical activity.


Improvement while moving is a double effect!

You have a lot of worries and do not have time to apply the applicator, don`t you? You can not tear yourself away from the beloved TV program or computer? Do you want to apply the applicator, but there is no time to lie on it? Applicator-belt will solve these problems.

Now the surface acupuncture procedure has become more simple in conducting, easy for patients and widely accessible. Thanks to reliable fixators, the applicator-belt is fastened directly to the area of pain, referred pain zone, a zone of irradiation of pain or diseased organ projection zone, a zone of arrangement of biologically active points and meridians. In view of the proposed schemes, the impact can be made on the basic, additional and auxiliary zones in turns, alternately or selectively.

The fixators provide uniform nip of an applicator to the body. Using this kind of applicators patient can do something and get treatment at the same time. One can fix the applicator on his own, without assistance – easily, quickly, reliably and on any parts of the body, limbs, joints. To do this, the user can adjust the length of the belt.

Duration of treatment depends on required effect:

  • toning effect – from 7 to 10 min;
  • soothing effect – 20 min. to 2 hours;
  • removal of acute pain – from 10 to 15 min;
  • help at  chronic pain – 30 min. to 2 hours.

Massager Pharaoh

Lyapko company makes Massagers Pharaoh of the environmentally friendly material applied in medicine. All members of your family can use massagers. Special skills aren't necessary for use of massager because it is so simple in use that it is enough to look through the enclosed instruction.

Pharaoh massager is a good universal remedy. It helps to relieve pain at osteochondrosis, radiculitis, migraine, to kill muscular spasms and pains, to improve blood circulation, a lymph flow, to tone up skin.

The massager will quickly save you from fatigue, will help to reduce stress and will make you happy. Pharaoh massager can be used for different kinds of massage: classical, pointilage and anti-cellulite. Massager allows providing the main massage skills: stroking, grinding, superficial and deep massage of muscles, vibration movements.

The manual Pharaoh massager is recommended for application at home, in centers of massage and manual therapy, rehabilitation centers and other medical institutions.

Unlike existing massagers, «Pharaoh» has expressed massage properties: using four planes with different radii of curvature of the lobes one can perform four kinds of general and segmental massage and five varieties of acupressure.

Alternating use of each of the parts of the massager gives different sensations that provides universality of its application. Namely, the possibility of selection of its properties for any age, body weight, sensitivity threshold, a particular problem that can not be obtained using other massagers.   «Pharaoh» has a positive effect on the human energy state that has a positive effect on the immune system, and this, in turn, stabilizes general state. During massage and after it, tissues generate healthy fluctuations of high intensity which correct negative and weak vibrations of the damaged tissues, causing them to vibrate in a healthy rhythm.

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