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"The applicator with what needle step is better?" Perhaps, it is one of the most frequent questions. At once we will specify: STEP of needle is a distance between applicator needles. Such explanation is at each packing, in instructions and, of course, in methodical recommendations about use of applicators.

«Family» of applicators combines a variety of different size, shape, step (distance between the needles), a set of metal applicators and methods of fixation. The distance between the needles in our applicators from is 3.5 to 7.0 mm.

Which needle step to choose?

 Step of the applicator needle is adjusted depending on individual skin sensitivity and the required degree of intensity of exposure, focusing on the comfortable feeling, when applied.

Children, patients with hypersensitivity or a small layer of subcutaneous fat are recommended to use the applicators with a thick step (3.0-4.9mm).

Adults with normal physique – 5.0-6.2 mm.

Patients with a large layer of subcutaneous fat – 6.2-7.0 mm.


STEP of a needle and TYPE of the applicator

All applicators can be divided into 3 types due to distance between needles:

  • delicate — when distance between needles (STEP) — 3,0–4,9 mm;
  • universal — STEP 5,0–6,1 mm;
  • intensive (strong)  6,2–10,0 mm.

Using any applicator, you can get intense or delicate effects through self-regulation of the pressing and pressure force. In order to reduce the pressing force – use of an applicator folded in 2-3 layers cheesecloth or other fine cloth.

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