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317 грн.

CLAD `Facial Roller M` 3,5 Ag (with rubber plugs) — needle step - 3,5 mm, width - 40 mm, diameter – 51mm, quantity of needles - 272.

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  • Method of application

Lyapko roller applicators are applicators for dynamic application («Million needle shower»).  Rollers are recommended for any therapeutic effects on anybody surfaces, particularly those which are difficult to handle with a flat applicator (the area of   joints, neck, face etc.).The therapeutic effect is several times faster than with a static applicator. Galvanic current produced in the skin, on the edges and between the needles is pulsed. In the treatment of back and other hard to reach areas of the body there required participation of the assistant.

CLAD `Facial Roller M` is especially effective at impact on parts of the body with a small radius of curvature (a head, a face, a neck, a zone of a decollete, legs and hands). It is specially developed for impact on a face and a zone of a hairy part of a head. It also gives a chance to process practically any parts of the body (zones of small joints of extremities, hands and feet) to remove pain and spasm. It is recommended for application in cosmetology and exact reflex diagnostics.

Thanks to flexible side rubber plugs softer, delicate impact on skin is made. It is applied to therapeutic impact on small parts of the body - area of a back, waist, sacrum, breast and stomach. By means of the roller it is possible to render the sedative or toning action. For sedative effect (for example, at pains in lumbar and sacral area or in the lower extremities) the session lasts 10-15 minutes with coverage of the big site of a surface of a body.
To achieve toning effect (for example, at a paresis of muscles and other states) roll the area within 5-7 minutes, but with occupation of the smaller square of a body is made. Roller needles, adjoining to a skin, don't damage it. The method is effective and non-invasive, i.e. completely excludes transmission of infection (viral hepatitis, AIDS).

Lyapko roller-applicator `Fcial Roller M` is recommended for exact reflex diagnostic. The diagnostic method is based on the fact that if there is pathological process the sites of skin which are projections of internals, zones of a projection of points of "sympathy" (along a backbone) and points of "heralds" (on the forward surface of a trunk), react differently to influence by the needle roller.

It is recommended for application by adults and children.

Warranty period is 1 year.


Diseases and damages of a musculoskeletal system

1. Overstrain of the neuromuscular apparatus
2. Myositis
3. Myalgiya
4. Chronic tendovaginitis
5. Damage of the ligamentous apparatus of spine column and appendicular joints
6. Scoliosis
7. Injuries, fractures of bones
8. Postoperative states
9. Osteochondrosis
10. Osteoporosis
11. Arthritis
12. Arthrosis
13. Joint pain
14. Back pain

Diseases of nervous system

1. Recovering from craniocerebral injuries and strokes
2. Neurologic implications of osteochondrosis of a backbone
3. Lumbago
4. Neuritis
5. Neuralgia
6. Myasthenia
7. Spastic paralyzes
8. Hysteria, nervosism, insomnia
9. Sexual neurosises
10. Nocturnal enuresis
11. Migraine
12. Raynaud's disease
13. Cerebral palsy

Heart and vessels diseases

1. Hypertonia
2. Hypotension
3. Ischemic heart disease (stenocardia, cardiosclerosis)
4. Varicosity of the lower extremities
5. Hemorrhoids

Diseases of respiratory organs

1. Rhinitis
2. Anginas
3. Laryngitis
4. Bronchitis
5. Pneumonia
6. Bronchial asthma (including allergic origin)

Diseases of digestive system

1. Gastritis
2. Stomach hypotonia
3. Peptic ulcer
4. Intestines dyskinesia
5. Colitis (constipations)
6. Hepatic colic
7. Dyskinesia of a gall bladder
8. Pancreatitis
9. Meteorizm (abdominal distension)


1. Pregnancy sickness
2. Hypo - and gipergalactiya
3. Pregnancy preservation
4. Anesthesia and regulation of patrimonial activity, restoration in the postnatal period and after Caesarian operation

Female diseases

1. Disturbance of an ovarialno-menstrual cycle (amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea)
2. Adnexites
3. Menopausal syndrome
4. Sterility


1. Gglomerulonefrit, pyelonephritis
2. Renal colic
3. Cystitis
4. Cistalgiya
5. Prostatitis
6. Prostate adenoma

Skin diseases

1. Neurodermite
2. Urticariafever
3. Skin itch
4. Eczema


1. Parodontosis
2. Stomatitis
3. Anesthesia at stomatologic operations
4. Dentagra

Endocrine diseases

1. Hypothyrosis, hyperthyroidism
2. Diabetes mellitus
3. Nutritional obesity

Reviews (4)

Вячеслав 17/10/2018
4 reviews
Качество валика оценить не могу, покупал для другого человека. Могу только оценить работу магазина. Заказ оформил без проблем, валик отправили своевременно. Качество упаковки высокое, при транспортировке не пострадала даже упаковка. Цена товара и наличие актуальные. Спасибо магазину за качественную работу.
Светлана 11/07/2018
4 reviews
Использую, на лицо по массажным линиям, каждое утро, перед умыванием. Своего рода будильник. И хорошо подтягивает скулы, прорабатывает шею.
Анна 30/06/2017
4 reviews
Замечательная вещь. Удобно брать на работу, особенно помогает при болях в шейном отделе и головных болях.
Ирина 01/03/2017
4 reviews
Требовался массажер для головы, остановила свое внимание на аппликаторе Ляпко. Заказала - привезли мой валик. Сперва показался колючим, даже очень.Через пару дней привыкла. Делала массаж головы, для быстрого роста волос - 2 раза в день,по минут 5-8. Волосы ускоряют свой рост в два раза, если сюда добавить конечно питательные маски и витамины. Массаж валиком очень расслабляет,и тянет на сон.
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