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594 грн.

CLAD "Big roller" has a needle step 5,0, the size is 111xd61mm, quantity of needles is 570. Thanks to the optimum sizes of a working surface and distance between needles the roller is used in all age groups without restriction.

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  • Method of application

Lyapko roller applicators are applicators for dynamic application («Million needle shower»).  Rollers are recommended for any therapeutic effects on anybody surfaces, particularly those which are difficult to handle with a flat applicator (the area of   joints, neck, face etc.).The therapeutic effect is several times faster than with a static applicator. Galvanic current produced in the skin, on the edges and between the needles is pulsed. In the treatment of back and other hard to reach areas of the body there required participation of the assistant.

Rollers are recommended for treatment and exact reflex diagnostics.

The diagnostic method is based on the fact that if there is pathological process the sites of skin which are projections of internals, zones of a projection of points of "sympathy" (along a backbone) and points of "heralds" (on the forward surface of a trunk), react differently to influence by the needle roller:

  • norm: skin is pink and warm.
  • 1st damage rate (partial compression, process rather "fresh"): reaction to irritation is superfluous, skin is red, temperature is increased.
  • 2nd damage rate (deeper): reaction to irritation is reduced, skin has slightly pink color, temperature is almost not changed, slightly increased.
  • 3rd damage rate (deep damage, chronic process of 3 and more months): reaction to irritation is absent, temperature is reduced, skin is dry, thinned, has pale color.

Rollers are recommended for exact reflex diagnostics.

At influence with the applicator normal tissue remains normal, and in the changed bodies and areas of skin there are recovery processes displayed on skin areas in the form of normalization of color and other characteristics. The size of microcurrents between needles is defined by conductivity of the skin depending on concentration of electrolytic composition of sweat and intercellular liquid. Various condition of energy in meridians can be also displayed on skin in the form of pale areas and areas of reddening.
Symptoms of "excess" (acute process: at injuries, acute inflammation, colds etc):

  • increased temperature;
  • erubescence;
  • puffiness;
  • sharp local morbidity;
  • intensive, sharp pains.

In these cases influence with the application roller within 7-10 minutes to help to get rid of excess energy and normalize a state of an organism.


Symptoms of "shortage" (chronic diseases: degenerative chronic processes, consequences of injuries, radiculites etc):

  • aching, diffuse pains;
  • reduced temperature;
  • paleness of a skin;
  • deep numbness ("goosebumps");
  • depression of sensitivity, lack of reactions.

The aim of influence with the applicator at syndromes of "shortage" is to saturate with energy. For this purpose influence with the roller within 10-15 minutes.
Lyapko application devices in use are in contact with the skin without damaging it, and have no contact with blood. In hospitals after the session of applications they need to be disinfected in accordance with the Standards of disinfection of medical devices, they must be totally soaked in a disinfectant solution.

Lyapko application devices can be disinfected by dry-cleaning detergent for products from medical rubber and non-corrosive metals.

If Lyapko application devices are used individually, they need no disinfection. Hygienic care treatment involves periodic cleaning with cleanser (shampoo, liquid soap), with a brush, washing with running water and drying with a stream of hot air (with a hair dryer). In case of correct care service life of the applicator is 5 — 7 years.


Diseases and damages of a musculoskeletal system

1. Overstrain of the neuromuscular apparatus
2. Myositis
3. Myalgiya
4. Chronic tendovaginitis
5. Damage of the ligamentous apparatus of spine column and appendicular joints
6. Scoliosis
7. Injuries, fractures of bones
8. Postoperative states
9. Osteochondrosis
10. Osteoporosis
11. Arthritis
12. Arthrosis
13. Joint pain
14. Back pain

Diseases of nervous system

1. Recovering from craniocerebral injuries and strokes
2. Neurologic implications of osteochondrosis of a backbone
3. Lumbago
4. Neuritis
5. Neuralgia
6. Myasthenia
7. Spastic paralyzes
8. Hysteria, nervosism, insomnia
9. Sexual neurosises
10. Nocturnal enuresis
11. Migraine
12. Raynaud's disease
13. Cerebral palsy

Heart and vessels diseases

1. Hypertonia
2. Hypotension
3. Ischemic heart disease (stenocardia, cardiosclerosis)
4. Varicosity of the lower extremities
5. Hemorrhoids

Diseases of respiratory organs

1. Rhinitis
2. Anginas
3. Laryngitis
4. Bronchitis
5. Pneumonia
6. Bronchial asthma (including allergic origin)

Diseases of digestive system

1. Gastritis
2. Stomach hypotonia
3. Peptic ulcer
4. Intestines dyskinesia
5. Colitis (constipations)
6. Hepatic colic
7. Dyskinesia of a gall bladder
8. Pancreatitis
9. Meteorizm (abdominal distension)


1. Pregnancy sickness
2. Hypo - and gipergalactiya
3. Pregnancy preservation
4. Anesthesia and regulation of patrimonial activity, restoration in the postnatal period and after Caesarian operation

Female diseases

1. Disturbance of an ovarialno-menstrual cycle (amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea)
2. Adnexites
3. Menopausal syndrome
4. Sterility


1. Gglomerulonefrit, pyelonephritis
2. Renal colic
3. Cystitis
4. Cistalgiya
5. Prostatitis
6. Prostate adenoma

Skin diseases

1. Neurodermite
2. Urticariafever
3. Skin itch
4. Eczema


1. Parodontosis
2. Stomatitis
3. Anesthesia at stomatologic operations
4. Dentagra

Endocrine diseases

1. Hypothyrosis, hyperthyroidism
2. Diabetes mellitus
3. Nutritional obesity

Reviews (5)

Любов 24/08/2020
5 reviews
Дуже задоволена покупкою, зранку проходжуся валиком по всьому тілу та обличчі, шкірі голови. Відчуваю прилив енергії, на обличчі звузилися пори. Планую придбати інші товари Ляпко і щиро рекомендую кожному спробувати. Будьте здорові.
Татьяна 13/02/2020
5 reviews
Девять лет тому приобрела валик. Замечательная вещь: делаем с мужем массаж друг другу и при болях в мышцах, и для расслабления после трудного рабочего. Берём с собой и в командировки, и в отпуск. Вот заказала коврик - с нетерпением ожидаем!!!
Светлана 05/07/2017
5 reviews
Заказала валик, катаю во время просмотра сериала. Увидела, что мышцы приходят в тонус!
Наталья 01/03/2017
5 reviews
Всем привет) С приходом осени обострилась моя беда - остеохондроз шейного отдела. И я с переменным успехом в течение практически 2х месяцев пыталась бороться с неприятными симптомами. Без препаратов, разумеется, не обошлось. Но перед мышечными спазмами даже целый ряд миорелаксантов оказался бессилен((( Щемило мне правую лопатку просто безбожно. Таблетки действовали часа 4 от силы. Мышечные спазмы ухудшают циркуляцию крови и, если не решать эту проблему, то все прочие старания по восстановлению больного отдела позвоночника сводятся к 0. К счастью мне порекомендовали обратить внимание на устройства Ляпко, как наиболее эффективные в решении моей проблемы. Итак, выбрала я самый большой валик.Эффект от массажа не заставляет себя долго ждать. Спазм проходил. Как же я радовалась, что могу принимать на одну таблетку меньше! Спустя 3 дня использования данного аппликатора спазм мышцы спины вовсе пропал.
Виктория Яни 01/03/2017
5 reviews
Последнее время восстанавливаю кожу живота после беременности. Обертывания, скрабы, самомассаж, мезороллер..Результаты есть, но до изначального варианта еще далеко)). Не могу нарадоваться, что в доме есть такая штука, как валик ляпко.! Самое главное, как не показалось - РЕЗУЛЬТАТ БЫСТРЫЙ. По крайней мере, так заметила моя сестра и я тоже вижу.
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