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LAD MAGIC TAPE HEALTH 4.3 AG 1+2 5 segments

1447 грн.

A set of two elastic tapes: the first tape – 3,1 m long – length with rubber bandage and 2,2 m long – length without rubber bandage, 22 mm wide; the second tape – 3,1 m long – length with rubber bandage and 2,2 m long – length without rubber bandage, 22 mm wide. Distance between needles - 4,3 mm. Quantity of needles - 7650. The tape consists of 5 segments (the segment is a part of a tape, about 44 cm long). Each tape consists of a working part (with needles) and rubber bandage (without needles) - for soft fixing of a tape on a body.

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Lyapko applicator `Magic Tape Health` is a very flexible tape with fixed «cells» of needles which influence gently your skin without damaging it. It can be used under supervision of a doctor, and independently at home. Increased coverage area has a unique healing effect on the body in the healing process of almost all acupuncture points of the treated area. After wrapping with an applicator there is a feeling of lightness, warmth, relaxation, full restoration of power and energy of the body. The intensity of pressing of belt needle to the skin is regulated while wrapping.

  • In sport, due to the full impact of the applicator over the entire zone surface, it allows faster recovery after exercises.
  • It increases strength and rate endurance of athletes.
  • It provides rapid recovery (after injuries, muscle sprains, fractures, surgery) due to a significant acceleration of biochemical redox processes in the body.
  • It increases in 2-3 times the efficiency of massage, manual therapy.
  • It increases the efficiency of the organism. It relieves the feeling of heaviness, stiffness in hands in legs.
  • It helps in treatment and prophylaxis of different diseases
  • Stops backbone, joints and muscles pains, headaches

Duration of a wrapping session with an applicator depends on desirable result:

• toning effect – from 7 to 10 min.;
• calming effect, assistance at chronic diseases – 20 min.;
• acute pain relief – from 10 to 30 minutes;
• increase of efficiency, endurance of the body – from 8 to 12 min.;
• recovery after workouts, games – from15 to 30 min.;
• recovery after injuries, operations, etc. One must be wrapped with the applicator tape 2-3 times a day for 2-10 minutes above or below the damaged area. If you have access and the integrity of the skin is preserved, the damaged area is also processed. At injuries of hands and feet be sure to wrap the zone on a healthy limb which is symmetrical to the site of injury. It is desirable to influence simultaneously or successively the spine in appropriate zones of innervation of spinal nerve roots.
To enable super abilities, additional adaptive mechanisms the session may be extended to 40-60 minutes with additional compulsory restriction of breathing using willpower or respiratory pyramid. After the applications it is desired to do an intermittent massage or massaging oils based on herbs and other useful natural ingredients.

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