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Lyapko application therapy

The main element of a body interaction with environment is human skin. It is rich in nerve endings. Lyapko applicators, acting on nerve ending, awaken self-defense mechanisms of a body and stimulate human metabolism and immune system.

Classical location on Lyapko Applicators allows to influence on certain parts of a body, mostly in a pain zone, to remove  spasm, swelling, to eliminate pain.

The efficiency of techniques of superficial multineedle therapy with Lyapko applicators is connected with restoration of dynamic balance between processes of activation and inhibiting of central nervous system functions, optimization of adaptation reactions of endocrine and immune systems, stimulation of regenerative and recovery functions of an organism.

Influence with Lyapko applicators promotes removal of pain, inflammatory processes, strengthening of immune system, rejuvenation of an organism, increase in working capacity.

Dr. Lyapko`s house of health invites you to come and try this procedure. Get acquainted with the world of Lyapko  applicators and feel energy of touch of multimetal needles.

Lyapko application suit allows to have an effect on all organism and reach the cumulative improving effect connected with fast restoration after mental and physical activities, increase in immunological stability of an organism.

Clothing of an application suit is must be 1-2 times a month for achievement of the cumulative improving effect. The procedure lasts 30-90 minutes. On a trunk, hands and head, palmar and plantar surfaces of the user application tapes are fixed. The technique of restriction and regulation of breath with use of a Lyapko pyramid is also applied to create a state of the dosed hypoxia-hypercapnia.

The effect after the procedure lasts for several weeks and it is shown by improvement of the general state, mood, and increase in endurance.

Dr. Lyapko`s house of health also offers different types of massage: general and segmentary massage, lymphatic drainage, anti-cellulite, sports, coronal, honey massage.


  • Classical location on Lyapko Applicators: 50-100 hryvnias.
  • Cost of the procedure "Lyapko application suit": 400 hryvnias.
  • Cost of the massage: from 300 hryvnias.
  • Phytobarrel with curative steamconcentrat: 100 hryvnias.




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