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The importance of polytouch perception of the world by a child was noted by many teachers and psychologists. Active involvement of all analyzers: visual, acoustical, olfactory, flavoring, tactile – forms fuller and brighter picture of the world, perfects skills of interaction with it. To teach children to use consciously all sense organs is very important task in the preschool period.

Hands of a person are capable to distinguish form of objects, size, weight, invoice of a surface, temperature. Each of objects of the world has a set of tactile signs: softness –hardness, smoothness – roughness, fragility – durability, ease – weight, friability – elasticity. It also has degree of flexibility, stickiness, fluffiness and spinosity. People can feel all these characteristics thanks to tactile and muscular feeling. But, very few people think of it. Exceptions are people of creative professions, handicraftsmen whose activity is connected with exact settings of the tactile apparatus. Developing at children attention to touches, to feelings in a body, It is possible to teach children to understand their body, its requirements if to develop their attention to touches and feelings in their bodies.

Today many people have very quick and intense lifestyle with a lot of stress. A lot of diseases is a result of it.  Feeling physical and dynamic requirements, satisfying them, we care for ourselves and we live more fully. Our body is a very good adviser. Giving ear to it and caring about our comfort, it is possible to avoid many unpleasant situations and even diseases.

Besides, development of the tactile analyzer is followed by development of all interfaced to it centers of  brain, there is a formation of new neural connections. When we t stimulate sensitivity of skin and small muscles of a hand, we develop motor, verbal and cogitative, cognitive functions, analytical perception, coordination of movements and many other things. Offering a child for manipulation different in texture, structure and form material, adults help him to study characteristics of objects, to fill up a lexicon, to feel more confidently in the world, to develop harmoniously.

5 years ago the technique of use of Lyapko application devices for children of preschool age was developed by NIckolay Lyapko. Physicians, psychologists, teachers and, of course, children took part in its development. The technique was improved and extended. Initially L yapko application devices were used for development of tactile analyzer and tempering. Later positive influence on mentality of children including those who have special needs has been noted.

The question of physical and mental health of children in our country is particularly acute, and this technique can be a component of response to a problem.

The project ` Hedgehoglets and Children ` is a program of preschool children improvement by means of Lyapko application devices (LAD).

Stimulation of tactile perception of a child is the cornerstone of the improving and preventive program "Hedgehoglets and Children" that together with physical, spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual components contributes to the harmonious development of a personality. More various information is obtained by the tactile analyzer, more flexible and labile mentality of the child becomes. It is considered that people as a standard of "goodness" accept all soft and fluffy things and as negative perceive prickly ("the prickly character", "has bristled up, as a hedgehog"). Such stereotypic relation is unilateral and it limits development. A child who is brought up in hothouse conditions, in a cocoon from hyper guardianship and comfort grows up, without having an opportunity to overcome difficulties, with weak adaptability. All these are accompanied by frequent diseases. On the contrary, overcoming difficulties tempers a body and spirit, allows a child to find self-confidence, independence. Children intuitively feel it and, as a rule, with pleasure carry out the tasks for development set by adults even if such tasks are followed by a certain physical discomfort. In this program it is about accustoming to prickle Lyapko application devices (LAD).

Symbol of the program `Hedgehoglets and Children ` is a Hedgehog which is vigorous, courageous, balanced, inquisitive. It is ready to help everyone. It is capable to take care of itself and can tell "no" if something isn't pleasant. The Hedgehog will also share these qualities with children.

The preschool institutions which are ready to take part in this program apply for participation in it, receive methodical benefit, a set of Lyapko application devices of different types, methodical, medical and information support.

The program includes, mainly, work with teachers and it consists of three stages:

 - acquaintance with Lyapko application devices and features of their influence;

 - two seminars (practical works) on studying of a technique and working off of skills of use of Lyapko application devices;

 - master classes with children and teachers of the groups of kindergarten which take part in the project.

Also the program includes a seminar for parents "Let children not to be ill" on prophylaxis of flu and catarrhal diseases, formation of healthy attitude towards themselves, body and the world around us.

The final of the program is al family holiday of health.

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